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It's not often that you'll come across
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These Worded Problem Worksheets are:

  • Freshly-written each week;
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  • Supporting all Maths curricula, and NAPLAN preparation.

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Aussie, unique, fun, innovative Maths
worded problem worksheets.
Maths Co-ordinators,Teachers, Parents
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in building Maths problem-solving skills --
the kind of Maths that students need
for their future!

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We DON'T aim to solve all the world's maths problems on the primary curriculum in one go.We FOCUS on weaknesses in solving WORDED Maths problems at primary school level.

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These worded problem worksheets are the product of many years' experience teaching primary and secondary students maths.They have as a specific goal the use of everyday situations in the news, on TV, on Facebook and Twitter.

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Far too often, primary students are just taught to “do sums”.

BUT . . . they need to be encouraged to think about the MEANING behind the sums. These worksheets address that very vital aspect.

Fresh weekly! Fun & interest-packed!

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Maths Questions

Easter and Maths Questions — Perfect!

2017-03-02 07:09:20

WOW! Primary Teachers . . . A new school week! Be it the LAST week of Term 1, or approaching the FIRST week of Term 2, here's an opportunity to WOW your class with some FUN Maths Worded Worksheets. Written FRESHLY this week. Questions about the new ANGRY BIRDS movie, the new 2016 Aussie Olympic Games uniforms, and heaps more! Share these with your teacher friends!

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Maths Questions

Teachers — the oldest trick in the book!

2017-03-02 07:09:25

Back in the "olden days", the Teachers' Union used to give some sage advice to teachers just starting a new year in the classroom. The advice was especially pertinent to teachers of Infant classes, but in reality applies to all primary school teachers everywhere. And the advice is simple . . . When a child gets home at the end of that first school day, the first question a parent will ask is, "What did you learn today?"

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Maths Questions

When will we EVER learn?

2017-07-19 00:06:01

Could it that a few simple decisions — applied within just weeks — could bring about a genuine lift in student (and teacher) outcomes in these two vital curriculum areas -- MATHS and LITERACY? And, could it be that significant improvement, not only in academic performance, but also in developing all-important positive attitudes to learning in primary schools, could come at NO additional financial cost? Just better stewardship of the funding that’s already there? Could it be that toda

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Maths Questions

How Ed Shop Adds Value To The Life Of A Primary Student in Australia

2017-09-04 07:34:30

Declining performance of Australian students has created a wave of concern and raised questions as to the educational system of the country. Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), an international assessment, has clearly projected the fact that Australian students are lagging behind many others hailing from advanced nations. Recent reports from PISA have also discovered that high performers in mathematics have significantly declined to 11% and this

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