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It's not often that you'll come across
Maths worksheets that actually "hit the spot",
in Maths in a truly POSITIVE, fun way.
That's EXACTLY what you've come across
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These Worded Problem Worksheets are:

  • Freshly-written each week;
  • Copyright-free -- make copies as needed;
  • Full of interest-packed, fun worded questions;
  • Emailed ready-to-use, each Saturday afternoon;
  • Attractively presented, yet inexpensive;
  • Inspirational and motivational;
  • Restoring interest and fascination in Maths;
  • Supporting all Maths curricula, and NAPLAN preparation.

FOUR Primary Levels.
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Aussie, unique, fun, innovative Maths
worded problem worksheets.
Maths Co-ordinators,Teachers, Parents
all find these worksheets incredibly helpful
in building Maths problem-solving skills --
the kind of Maths that students need
for their future!

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We DON'T aim to solve all the world's maths problems on the primary curriculum in one go.We FOCUS on weaknesses in solving WORDED Maths problems at primary school level.

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These worded problem worksheets are the product of many years' experience teaching primary and secondary students maths.They have as a specific goal the use of everyday situations in the news, on TV, on Facebook and Twitter.

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Far too often, primary students are just taught to “do sums”.

BUT . . . they need to be encouraged to think about the MEANING behind the sums. These worksheets address that very vital aspect.

Fresh weekly! Fun & interest-packed!

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Maths Questions

Here we go again!

2018-07-20 06:38:12

What now? So now schools are being asked to include physical education and sport in their curriculum! Pardon me, but when were they ever NOT in the curriculum? Who can blame teachers for tearing their hair, and trying desperately to keep up with the constant curriculum changes being foisted upon them by those who should know better. The academics. The "experts". Perhaps those very academics and experts should be put in front of a primary class for a full week, to see how THEY woul

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Maths Questions

Year 3,4,5,6 Maths Worksheets To Solve Worded Math Problem

2017-10-23 06:16:22

Almost every child has a penchant for storybooks, but then why do you think that they dislike worded Math problems? A thorough analysis has uncovered that lack of focus, trouble with reading, short of impulse controls and difficulty in understanding of phrases has resulted in a weak base. Whatever the reason may be, there is obviously a solution. Glance through the steps below, to support primary level Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 Students to solve Worded Math Problems.

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Maths Questions

How Primary Maths Tutors Help Children Overcome Math Phobia in Australia

2017-10-10 10:51:42

Mathematics, a subject that generally causes panic in children, is not much difficult as it seems. While some believe the reason to be a weak numerical base, developed in the initial years, others feel that it fails to draw the interest altogether. Whichever the case may that be, the primary question is- How to overcome that fear and move forward with a strong base? This is when tutoring enters the scene.

Stay focused to keep a watch on the reasons behind Mat

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Maths Questions

Wow! Phonics v Word Recognition! AGAIN??

2017-09-20 09:03:50

And in Maths -- Teaching Tables v Mathematical Understanding!! AGAIN?? Do we never learn? Can we EVER recognise that our literacy and numeracy teaching approaches are NOT BIPOLAR! They're NOT either/or! They're NOT "black and white". Yes, there REALLY IS GREY HERE! Surely we're ALL better than this. Surely we can’t let this debate rage on, year after year. Unresolved. Divisive! Inconclusive! So . . . Let's get the best of each of these approaches and us

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