July 20, 2018,

Here we go again!

What now? So now schools are being asked to include physical education and sport in their curriculum.....

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October 23, 2017,

Year 3,4,5,6 Maths Worksheets To Solve Worded Math Problem

Almost every child has a penchant for storybooks, but then why do yo.....

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October 10, 2017,

How Primary Maths Tutors Help Children Overcome Math Phobia in Australia

Mathematics, a subject that generally causes panic in children, is n.....

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September 20, 2017,

Wow! Phonics v Word Recognition! AGAIN??

And in Maths -- Teaching Tables v Mathematical Understanding!! AGAIN?? Do we never learn? Can we .....

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September 10, 2017,


Yes! Keven Donnelly has done it again! He's the well-respected educator who has, over the past.....

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September 6, 2017,

The word Maths teachers HATE to hear . . .



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September 4, 2017,

How Ed Shop Adds Value To The Life Of A Primary Student in Australia

Declining performance of Australian students has created a wave of c.....

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July 19, 2017,

When will we EVER learn?

Could it that a few simple decisions — applied within just weeks — could bring about a genuine l.....

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March 2, 2017,

Teachers — the oldest trick in the book!

Back in the "olden days", the Teachers' Union used to give some sage advice to teachers just startin.....

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March 2, 2017,

Easter and Maths Questions — Perfect!

WOW! Primary Teachers . . . A new school week! Be it the LAST week of Term 1, or approaching the FIR.....

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